The parking lot

The Lord Essex Apartments parking lot has some challenges related to snow cleanup. Due to garages and retaining walls, there are limited places for snow to be cleared to in the parking lot. After a snow storm, if you have an outside (non-garage) parking space and there are large piles of snow everywhere, you can park in the street 12 hours after the snow has ended. If our plow makes another pass after that, it can clear the snow piles away from parking spaces and garages.

You, your parking space/garage

A good general rule when it is snowing - if you do not need to go out, do not go out.

You are responsible for shoveling around your vehicle in your parking space. If you have a garage, you are responsible for clearing away snow that is too close to the garage door for the plow to get to.

The best place to move the snow to is to the head of your own parking space. Do not ever put snow in the street, you could be fined for doing that. Do not put snow in the center of the parking lot. Do not dump snow on a neighboring property - see "Neighbors" below.

Try to avoid piling up snow where it will melt, run downhill across the parking lot, then freeze at night when it is colder.

If you must go to work right after a snow storm, before the snow is cleared, you may want to plan to get a ride from someone else (meet them at the curb) or take a taxi, Lyft, Uber, ...

Resident Managers

The Resident Managers will clear snow from sidewalks, paths, and steps. In a substantial snow storm, this will take a long time, and may take several passes. Please be patient. The Resident Managers will use snovels, air blowers, or a snowblower depenending on the conditions. They will spread salt, ice melt (a mixture), or calcium cloride pellets as appropriate. e.g. calcium chloride melts at lower temperatures, but gets stuck in entrance stairwell carpet fibers.

If you see icy areas, let the Resident Managers know. Simply e-mailing that there is ice in so-and-so location is fine. No need to tell us why you think we should salt it. If it's there, we'll do it.

...keeping in mind that this is a part-time job, we have limited hours, we have other jobs and two apartment complexes, etc.


You may not park on any snow-covered roadway in Montclair (or any other town around here). If you are parked on the street and it is about to snow, makes sure you move your car somewhere else.

As plows clear the streets, keep in mind that they may bury the driveway several times. When our plow clears the parking lot, it will clear the driveway too.

Snow plow

The snow plow comes automatically to all Affiliated Management properties that it is assigned to. Normally we do not know when the plow is coming in advance.

The snow plow can not clear parking spaces unless there are several spaces with no cars in a row, and there is somewhere to push the snow beyond that. Even snow plows slide in snow, they will not risk getting too close to anyone's vehicle. This is why we ask everyone with a parking space to move their vehicle out of the parking lot if possible. Sometimes Montclair allows residents to park in municipal lots with no fee during a snow storm. To find out about this, check here:

Especially because we have very limited places to put it, when there is a large amount of snow, we may need to have a front end loader come to pick up the snow and dump it somewhere off of the pavement. When that happens, it may take up to a day or two for it to come, there will be a long line of many apartment complexes, some with hundreds of apartments (vs our 31 at LE, 20 at MM). It can take hours for a front end loader or Bobcat to clear one parking lot with a significant amount of snow on it.

Winter/snow resources