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Blocked drains - toilet, tub or shower

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Various maintenance tips

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When _____ happens, try this

When...Try this
On the 1st of every month · Before bed, pour a cup of bleach down any drain (both sinks, tub) that a child or cat can not get to. Run hot water for 5 minutes the following morning. This will help to break up hair/grease blockages in the trap.
· Test your smoke/CO detector(s)
Faucet aerator or shower head is cloggedClean off the calcium/limescale buildup with CLR or Lime Away
Toilet will not flush If it is due to a mechanical problem with the toilet, broken handle, etc., contact us. If not, try a toilet plunger. If you can't get it, we can try. If we can't get it, we have a sewer & drain contractor.
Slow drain A Zip-it is a good way to get hair out of a slow draining tub or sink drain. For a sink, just use the Zip-It as-is. For the tub, remove the screw that holds the drain cover in place, put the drain cover and screw aside, then use the Zip-It and use needle nose pliers to remove any remaining hair that you see, and put the drain cover back on. At the end of a shower, take a few squares of TP and remove any hair caught on the drain cover, throw it in the garbage.
A/C is not cold Clean the filter every month while using the air conditioner. It lifts up and out from the front. Vacuum dust off of it, rinse it in the sink, let fully air-dry, then carefully slide it back in.
Dishwasher has build-up Try Dishwasher Magic. Usually available at supermarkets, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart,, etc. The manufacturer's web site is at
Range hood filter is dirty Replace it. The range hood model # is underneath, usually on the left side. There are several different ones that may be installed here, but the most common is Broan 41300. If you have that one, the filter part # is 97007696. You can get it from the Broan NuTone parts store,, Home Depot (filter 41F), Ace Hardware (item # 3011897), etc.. We have manuals for various models of range hoods on the manuals page so you can find the part # for yours.
Microwave exhaust filter is dirty Replace it. Find your microwave model #, usually on a plate inside the microwave. Then find the manual, and in there you'll find the filter part # for ordering.,, Home Depot might have it, if GE-brand:, ...