Resident Manager contact info details

Below are details of how to contact the Resident Managers and when they are available


Being a Resident Manager of Lord Essex is a part-time job. Being Resident Manager for this property is not our only job, for Ann or Jason. That is the case for all Affiliated Management properties that have less than 50 apartments. Lord Essex has 31 apartments, including the Resident Manager apartment.

Being a part-time job, we do not have set hours. We do work whenever we can around our other jobs, or personal events. We do have a maximum # of hours per week that we can work, but of course emergencies (fire, flood, gas leak) do not count toward that limit.


In general, Jason is best available during the day, during the week. Only during the evening when that is the only option. Ann is normally only available by e-mail during the day when she is out at work, and in the evening when that is required. We do not work weekends unless we have no choice - like when someone is moving in on the weekend. Having other jobs, most things must be done by appointment.

Contacting us by e-mail

E-mail is the best way to reach us and is the easiest for us to deal with for record keeping. E-mail is immediately available to us via smartphones, tablets, and PCs whether we are at home, work or out somewhere.

Who Current Old
Both info at lordessex dot com info at lord dash essex dot com
Ann ann at lordessex dot com ann at lord dash essex dot com
Jason jason at lordessex dot com jason at lord dash essex dot com

Phone numbers

There are two phone numbers. One which is not listed online, but if you lived here in September 2019 you received it in a letter from Affiliated Management and a letter from the Resident Managers. If you moved in since then you have it on the cover of the 3-ring binder that was left on the kitchen counter. And the other one is the Lord Essex land-line with an answering machine. This is the one that has been in the old timey phonebooks for decades and is on the white hanging sign next to the driveway. We do not use our personal phone #s for work.

Phone number #1: The residents-only number

The purpose of this # is for residents to reach us without having to wait for us to get home. It is also for the rare resident who does not have an e-mail address, but does have a cell/mobile phone.

Once you have moved-in, you can use this number Monday-Friday 8am-10pm to send a non-emergency text or leave a non-emergency voicemail for the Resident Managers.

If you have an emergency, leave a voicemail 24/7 as long as you have a fire, flood, gas leak or other emergency situation. It is an emergency when Affiliated Management considers it an emergency. i.e. being locked out is not an emergency. Someone being parked in your parking space is not an emergency. If you would start your call with, "it's not really an emergency but..." then it's not an emergency.

The residents-only phone number is not a personal cell phone, we do not use our personal phones for work. This number is only used for work and it only forwards messages to us. It does not ring to any phone. It forwards text and voice messages to our mobile devices and PCs.

Anyone that does not live here should use the other phone # - the answering machine (or e-mail us).

Phone number #2: The answering machine

If you call 973-746-8696 you will get an answering machine that is located in the Resident Managers' apartment. As long as you leave a message, you will get a call back right away if either of the Resident Managers are home and not busy, or as soon as possible otherwise. This is mostly used by people that do no live at Lord Essex - apartment hunters, inspectors, some contractors, etc.

Calling this phone # will not wake us up at night. It may surprise you to know, but we get calls there 24/7. It seems odd to most, but it is common for an apartment hunter to call at 2am. The ringer is off in our bedroom, otherwise we would never be able to sleep.


We do not have a fax machine at Lord Essex Apartments. To send a fax, send it to the Affiliated Management office 973-992-6838 and put Attn: Lord Essex Apartments on the cover page. Once they receive it, they will e-mail it to us.


To get a letter or paperwork to the Resident Managers, take the pavers path from your apartment, all the way to the end, passed apartments 1-4 and around the corner, and there you will find our black post-mounted mailbox outside of our side-yard. Push in the spring-loaded silver part, drop it in.

If you need to do this while you are away, mail or FedEx or UPS it to:

Resident Managers
345 Claremont Ave Apt 1A
Montclair, NJ 07042