Are there any openings? Check the Openings page or e-mail
Who shows the apartments? One or both of the Resident Managers (superintendent/manager)
Is there an on-site rental office? No
The Resident Managers live on-site, but there is no office
E-mail them or leave a voice message
Is there a management company office? Yes
Affiliated Management
301 S Livingston Ave, Suite 201, Livingston, NJ 07039
Is there a model, permanantly empty apartment for showings? No
Do you do walk-up showings? Generally, no
Contact the Resident Managers to make an appointment
Same day appointments are usually available
if the apartment is vacant

Apartment showings are usually handled by Resident Manager Ann, who is elsewhere at work M-F 8am-4:30pm.

The ideal time for appointments is M-F 5:30pm/6pm/6:30pm/7pm/7:30pm or on Saturday afternoons at 2pm/2:30pm/3pm/3:30pm. We can be available at other times as well, but need a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice.

Any apartment complex with less than 50 apartments is a part-time secondary job. LE has 31 apartments. We have no set work hours, but do have a limit of hours per week. The Resident Managers live on the premises. Resident Manager Jason works from a home office. Resident Manager Ann is out at work Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm.

We will let you know where to park and how to reach us when you arrive. If you need directions, go to Contact -> Contact Info above and look for Directions/maps there. Unless the street is snow-covered, you would normally park in the street in front of the apartment complex and then meet us by the apartment complex sign with the name of the property.

Vacant apartments

Occupied apartments